Awards 2021

Spring is Independent Book Award season, and The Perpetual Now did not go unnoticed!

Winners and finalists for the Eric Hoffer Awards were announced on May 10. The Perpetual Now was named Winner in the category of Commercial Fiction, with an Honorable Mention placing it within the top five of that category! In addition, it was named as a Finalist for the First Horizon Award (Best Work by a Debut Author) and was even Shortlisted for the Grand Prize! Check out their website for the complete list of winners and finalists:

The 15th Annual National Indie Excellence Awards also announced their winners and finalists in late May, and The Perpetual Now was named a Finalist in the Cross Genre category, along with just 3 other novels! Complete list of finalists is here:


This just in: The Perpetual Now was named as a finalist in the Cross-Genre category of the 2020 International Book Awards! This is a huge and completely unexpected honour to be included in the company of so many talented, successful and recognized authors in both mainstream and independent publishing. My thanks to the selection committee at the American Book Fest, Tellwell Talent, and to all of you who have shown so much support!

Read the press release here:

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Ferguston, Ontario, is an angry little town full of dark secrets, a place where keeping your head down is never a bad idea. That’s fine with Justin Lambert, an introverted, biracial 12-year-old who generally prefers books to people anyway.

Against all odds, Justin has found a new friend. Her name is Billie. She’s sweet, precocious, and a bit feisty. She also isn’t human.

David Raymond, on the other hand, is all too human. A brutal, volatile thug and celebrated public nuisance, he was the only person of interest ever named in the suspicious disappearance of Justin’s mother 10 years ago. Although he was never convicted, the lingering stink of suspicion has followed him around for a decade, and he blames the Lamberts.

Now Justin and his dad have stumbled upon evidence that could get the case reopened. When Raymond gets wind of this, his anger is reignited, and he is very good at making bad things happen.

Meanwhile, Justin is learning that Billie has an agenda of her own, and it’s on a scale that defies comprehension. If Justin’s life is threatened— increasingly likely these days—he can’t be sure if Billie will intervene on his behalf, or look at him as just one of an infinite number of variables in some unimaginable cosmological equation.

One way or another, Justin is about to find out.